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What is an on-off power transformer

What is an on-off power transformer


The current induction power supply, also known as CT power supply or current transformer power supply, is the magnetic field induction power supply generated by the conductor. The isolation and transformation of the power supply mainly depends on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which can carry out voltage transformation and current transformation; At present, all kinds of power conversion are mainly voltage conversion, from high-voltage power generation and transmission to low-voltage conversion inside electrical appliances. Its basic structure comes from voltage conversion mode (such as Pt voltage transformer, etc.).

The current induction power supply is different from the common power supply. Its theoretical basis comes from the current transformation of electromagnetic induction principle. The premise of its energy transformation is that the primary side (often the transmission conductor) has sufficient AC current transmission, and the power output must remain stable no matter how the conductor current fluctuates.

The current transformer commonly used in the power industry can be regarded as a typical application of taking power from the power supply.

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