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What is the function of ferrite bead?

What is the function of ferrite bead?


Everyone knows that the higher the signal frequency, the easier it is to radiate out. Generally, signal lines have no shielding layer. Then these signal lines become good antennas to receive various messy high-frequency signals in the surrounding environment. These signals are superimposed on the originally transmitted signal, and may even change the originally transmitted useful signal. Then, under the action of the magnetic ring, the normally useful signal can pass through well, and the passage of high-frequency interference signal can be well suppressed, and the cost is low. The effect of the ferrite magnetic ring is related to the circuit impedance: the lower the impedance of the circuit, the better the filtering effect of the magnetic ring.

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Therefore, in the general ferrite material product manual, the insertion loss of the ferrite material is not given, but the impedance of the ferrite material is given. The larger the impedance of the ferrite material, the better the filtering effect. . Influence of current: When a large current flows through the wire passing through the ferrite ring, the low-frequency insertion loss of the filter will become smaller, and the high-frequency insertion loss will not change much. To avoid this situation, when using the power cord, you can pass the power cord and the power return line through the ferrite bead at the same time. Pay attention to the same in and out of the ferrite bead

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