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What is the function of the ferrite material of the common mode inductor?

by:Transmart     2022-05-01

The key to the efficacy of common mode inductors in power circuits is filter, oscillation, delay time, and notch. Common mode inductors are composed of two kinds of raw materials: ferrite and magnetic ring. The performance of the common mode inductor is directly related to the performance of the raw material. At present, we mainly talk about the relationship between the performance of common mode inductor devices and ferrite raw materials. In order to filter out common-mode interference more reasonably, the common-mode inductance has a sufficient amount of strong inductors. Therefore, the high magnetic permeability of ferrite raw materials is the most basic requirement for common mode inductance.

On the other hand, the frequency characteristics of ferrite raw materials are also a primary condition for determining device performance. Because common mode interference has a wider frequency band, and the impedance of ferrite to common mode interference only has the highest value in a specific frequency band. Therefore, in order to filter out the common mode interference of a certain frequency band, the frequency characteristics of the transformer core should be based on the impedance of the device in this frequency band and the power circuit behind it has a large mismatch to cause sufficient loss to the common mode interference. . In a specific common mode inductor, the inductive reactance produces a reflective surface for common mode interference, and the impedance is a part of the consumption that is digested and absorbed due to ferrite losses. Both of these parts produce rejection of common mode interference.

Therefore, the total impedance of the common mode inductor ferrite means the device's ability to suppress common mode interference. Common Mode Inductor Ferrite Distributors Most applied impedance vs. frequency correlations indicate the frequency characteristics of the commodity.
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