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What is the performance of the magnet? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-19
The performance of the magnet based on the cause of metal or alloy induction magnetic field. Soft magnetic alloy core magnetic field strength H ( A / m) Produce magnetic induction intensity B ( Tesla) Magnetic conductivity, mu = B/H. The correlation is through two coil closed a closed ring core to determine, a magnetic field coil, another coil induction rate measurement. Shows the magnetic hysteresis curve and the relationship between the induction. As long as the material is fully magnetized at some Bs, induction effect will improve the magnetic field force, this is called the saturation induction energy level. Can lead to reduce the magnetic field force hysteresis phenomenon, because will deviate from the curve. Exist certain degree of residual magnetic induction, referred to as the residual magnetism. If the induced magnetic field strength along the opposite direction, the magnetic field need to close to the coercive force Hc level, then the magnetic induction intensity decreases to zero. Now increase the magnetic force, we don't follow the basic curve to Bs, and the hysteresis loop closure. The shape of the hysteresis loop decided the energy loss in the material. Iron, nickel and cobalt is a ferromagnetic materials, from the electronic structure can understand why they would strengthen the external reasons of induced magnetic field. What are the characteristics of soft magnetic material? Such as saturation induction rate depends on the material chemical composition, and permeability, remanence and coercivity depends on microstructure, therefore depends on the cold, heat treatment, grain size and impurity ( Such as carbon) The amount of oxygen, nitrogen - Should maintain in low level. No matter use which kinds of production technology, ferromagnetic metals ( Such as iron, nickel and cobalt) Is the material foundation.
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