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What is the role of ferrite raw materials for common mode inductors?

What is the role of ferrite raw materials for common mode inductors?


The key to the effectiveness of common mode inductance in power supply circuit is filter, oscillation, delay time and notch. Common mode inductors are made of ferrite and magnetic rings. The performance of common mode inductors is directly related to the performance of raw materials. At present, we focus on the relationship between the performance of common mode inductors and ferrite raw materials.

In order to filter the common mode interference more reasonably, the common mode inductance should have sufficient and strong inductor quantity. Therefore, high permeability of ferrite raw materials is the most basic requirement for common mode inductance. On the other hand, the frequency characteristics of ferrite raw materials are also a primary condition for determining the performance of devices.

Because the common mode interference has a wide frequency band, and the impedance of ferrite to common mode interference has the highest value only in a special frequency band. Therefore, in order to filter out the common mode interference in a certain stock band, the frequency characteristics of the transformer core should have a large mismatch between the impedance of the device and the power circuit behind the stock band, so as to cause sufficient loss of common mode interference.

In a specific common mode inductor, the inductive reactance produces a reflection surface of common mode interference, and the impedance is part of the consumption digested and absorbed due to ferrite consumption. These two parts have the suppression of common mode interference. Therefore, the total impedance of common mode inductance ferrite means the ability of the device to suppress common mode interference. The correlation between impedance and frequency shows the frequency characteristics of commodities. Jinxin magnetic materials will customize common mode inductors according to customer requirements, all in accordance with customer regulations.

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