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What is the scope of application of split transformers? What are the advantages of open-type current transformers -

by:Transmart     2023-01-17

The open-type current transformer is suitable for indoor installations with a rated voltage of 10kV and below. For circuit control, measurement, line transformation measurement and protection, etc. 1. Brief introduction of open-type current transformer The open-type current transformer adopts high-strength PVC shell and fully cast busbar structure. The transformer is directly stuck on the cable, and the three rubber rings are against the cable and integrated with the cable. The transformer core is made of silicon steel sheet, and the secondary wire is evenly wound on the core.
The transformer is a split structure and can be installed without cutting the cable. 2. Applicable scope of open-type transformer 1. The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 3000m; 2. Ambient temperature: -25—+40°C; 3. The outer diameter of the cable that can be worn once: φ8—(240mm 4. Input: 0~60KA 5. Output: 0~500mA 1A or 5A 5VDC or 4~20MA (defined by the customer) There is no pollution, corrosive or explosive medium in the atmosphere that seriously affects the insulation performance of the transformer. 3. What are the advantages of the open current transformer 1 , Small size 2. Easy installation 4. What are the disadvantages of the open-type current transformer 1. The working noise is relatively large 2. The heat generation is relatively large. The link of the induction current in the open-type current transformer is disconnected, that is, the induction core is not a The airtight whole, the efficiency of the magnetic circuit is reduced in the gap. It is difficult to make a complete fit after the opening, so it will have a certain impact on the sensing effect and accuracy.
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