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7 kinds of iron core transformer abnormal sound judgment

by:Transmart     2021-01-12
7 kinds of iron core transformer 2019 - abnormal sound judgment 03 - 30 15:05:32 judged by listening to the sound exception is a way to detect the abnormal common iron core transformer. Iron core transformer in working state is what sound? What's different voice on behalf of the abnormal? Let's see below core transformer in the working status of 7 kinds of abnormal sound: 1, the normal operation of the transformer, as a result of the action of alternating magnetic field of transformer, transformer buzzing sound, the sound, and relatively low regularly. 2, because the transformer installation and manufacturing process caused by loose fastener bolt connection not firm or abnormal sound of transformer, its sound is ringing, and uneven, usually occurs in transformer in a place, rather than the whole, general won't produce harm to transformer, this abnormal change operation personnel according to transformer for abnormal sound, if it is transformer casing accessories or loose bolt can be opportunity. 3, due to the loose transformer silicon steel transformer abnormal voice, sound, uniform, sharp and usually vibration due to the silicon steel sheet, silicon steel sheet insulation after wear, will cause increased local eddy current heating, local overheating, we can from the transformer monitoring instrument online of gas or gas content and gas rate, transformer oil chromatographic analysis of total hydrocarbon gas content to the auxiliary judgment, to decide whether to stop processing. 4, transformer partial insulation breakdown makes a small current discharge Zi Zi voice, small hoarse voice, we can monitor online from transformer gas or gas content and gas rate, auxiliary judgment of transformer oil chromatographic analysis, basically see the content of acetylene gas to decide whether to disable processing. 5, transformer internal fault: if it is found that the transformer internal gurgling sound of oil boil, and along with the transformer oil temperature rise quickly, judgment of transformer internal transformer protection are still serious fault, immediately stop using the transformer. After 6, transformer overload: transformer load increases due to current transformer, affected by the transformer iron core saturation, transformer excitation current increase more apparent, cause transformer abnormal voice to rise. Transformer itself allows the short-time overload operation, operators should strengthen the monitoring. As our high pressure factory or rev for change may happen. 7, the influence of the external single-phase grounding system, especially the fundamental flux produced by the zero sequence current positive easy cause transformer iron core saturation, three harmonic zero sequence for transformer internal induction of zero sequence current demagnetization effect is relatively small, but they can cause iron core saturation, flux waveform distortion, excitation current, transformer noise increases. This reaction is more noticeable in the neutral point grounding transformer, as happened on June 20, we can use the switch # 1, 2, main transformer neutral point operation mode to judge whether the system, when conditions permit may be appropriately reduced load or increase the part of the load to the neutral earthing transformer is not. National standards of zero sequence current transformer is not greater than the rated current of 0. 7%. Zero sequence flux of the magnetic circuit mainly consists of core and transformer casing and fittings, cause transformer core, shell, such as fittings of fever.
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