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A series of nickel and iron permalloy stands for? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-23
The design of the multi-functional materials, soft magnetic alloy core the combination of many shapes and process metallurgy process provides a new space for magnetic circuit production. Using isotropic soft magnetic materials, which can be caused by the two-dimensional steel laminated restrictions. At the same time allow keep insulation around each particle materials respectively. When material under variable magnetic field, insulating layer can prevent eddy current through the particles, which extended the response time. In addition to use in the transformer core, soft magnetic alloy are used in motor as well. Based on powder program suitable for the production of electrical and electronic components. They are suitable for small batch production usually has a complex shape parts, and often made after sintering tolerance requirements, so as to avoid subsequent calibration requirements. Material is used in the preparation of powder metallurgy, soft magnet and rolled products, iron, phosphorus, iron, silicon iron alloy and stainless steel. Sheet in the component cannot be found in the specific process factors related to the powder metallurgy. To produce the needed soft magnetic parts, need to determine the material requirements. Large saturated magnetization and residual magnetism need to suppress function of powder metallurgy. Small coercive force and large permeability need clean material The characteristics of the PM. Permalloy represents a series of nickel iron ( 镍铁) Alloy, compared with the pure iron, the alloy after heat treatment showed higher initial permeability. They are usually in the form of a wafer production. Permalloy series with excellent soft magnetic properties, has been widely used in electronic equipment and industrial.
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