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About the heat treatment of membrane

by:Transmart     2020-10-16
In addition, by scheduled on an soft magnetic alloy consisting of the above 300 ° C to 600 ° C under the temperature of annealing, iris could significantly increase the saturation magnetic flux density of alloy or adjust the value of coercive force, and in keeping the saturation magnetic flux density is good at the same time, maintain its resistivity. Therefore, by setting appropriate annealing temperature, can get high saturation magnetic flux density, according to the use of appropriate coercive force and the resistivity of the soft magnetic alloys. In addition, by choosing according to soft magnetic alloy heat treatment conditions of the present invention, can achieve 400 ~ 1 x 105 high resistivity, therefore when used to construct the magnetic components, soft magnetic alloy according to the present invention can eddy current loss in high frequency range, thus providing a kind of eddy current loss small magnetic components. In addition, by the plane coil is formed on the substrate and edge layer on the coil, and offer as mentioned above of soft magnetic alloy magnetic film, to cover the planar coil and the edge layer to form planar magnetic components such as inductors, can exert low coercive force, high saturation magnetic flux density and magnetic elements than high resistance of soft magnetic alloy, which provides a good core. And a new type of magnetic components. Therefore, planar magnetic components can provide small and light.
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