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About the high flux core

by:Transmart     2020-10-15
High flux core composed of 50% iron and 50% of nickel powder, the higher the degree of saturation, 1. 5 T, is needed. Compared with MPP, the loss is higher, but much lower than the iron powder. High flux core when increase the dc bias, to maintain its permeability is good pressed powder core. Because according to the material permeability, high magnetic TongXin is smaller than standard iron powder core make it suitable for applications with limited space. High flux core has a relative permeability in 14 - 160 (including 200 kHz frequency range. High flux core and the MPP core, provide a circular shape. Fairy dust Sendust magnetic core, also known as Kool Mu magnetic core, invented in Japan in 1936, iron by 85%, 6% 9% of silicon and aluminum [ 18] 。 Them at about 1 t saturation, suitable for iron powder and high magnetic TongXin when it comes to the loss and cost. Sendust cores available relative permeability between - 26 125µ。 Aluminum sheet is much cheaper than MPP and high flux, soft magnetic alloy because they do not contain nickel in the alloy, the production process more easily. Sendust ring and E core and block shape. Micro metal magnetic and the range of frequencies is different, show that range 500 kHz and 1 MHz respectively. Crystal in 1988, a group of Japanese scientists added a small amount of nano crystal nucleus, shows the nanometer crystal nucleus will be copper, copper and niobium made standard Fe - Nb Si- B amorphous alloy. Is called the cause of the nano crystal powder grain size is small, from 10 to 100 nm.
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