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About the wastage of the soft magnetic alloy

by:Transmart     2020-10-15
Due to increased under high frequency eddy current loss, so the soft magnetic alloy in low frequency. Developed a simple process based on solvent at low temperature, with benzene and cyclobutene edge layer coated permalloy powder, in order to reduce the eddy current loss between particles. Low signal measurement show that the permeability of the composite curing shows over 10 MHz of bandwidth. Instead, pure powder of permeability is far less than 1 MHz, its virtual permeability increases accordingly. To suppress composite core in the 5 MHz, according to the core loss of density of measurement in the case of over 90 gauss, the magnetic core loss for 300 mW/cm3, and pure powder core in just over 10 gaussian density is issued to the same core loss. The results showed that the polymer powder coating process is to reduce the high frequency pressure between particles in the magnetic core eddy current loss is a good method. A soft magnetic alloy membrane, including: the average grain size of 10 nm or smaller crystal phase, basically have a b - c - C structure of Fe; And amorphous phase consists of the following: iron from at least one element of rare earth elements, Ti, Zr and Hf, V, Nb, Ta and W, and O ( Oxygen) ; Wherein crystalline and amorphous phase exist in hybrid state, described in the crystal and amorphous phase of the soft magnetic alloy membrane structure, and wherein the crystalline phase of the soft magnetic alloy membrane structure, compared with 10% to 50%.
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