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Amorphous alloy of jin jing, a new breakthrough

by:Transmart     2020-06-02
An amorphous nanocrystalline materials is a focus area of development and production company, is an important member of the crystallization material industry in China, long-term commitment to research in the field of crystallization. A number of scientific research achievements, broke the foreign technology fusing, increased the crystallization materials industry technology level. Amorphous alloy nanocrystals, nano crystallization is one of the representative technologies, our traditional production mechanization crystallization method is used for the crystallization of material. It is through the circular cylinder in a dry, the high speed hard sphere and amorphous material for high temperature, high strength of collision, for material and sinter, fracture and sinter, prompting crystallization of amorphous material. This method is widely used by crystallization production enterprises, has low cost, simple production methods, production advantages. Problems, however, obviously, the production of products often contain impurity particles, the quality is not high, to be able to get high purity qualitative nanocrystals. An through long-term research on crystallization of amorphous material, put forward a new method: using annealing method by crystallization. First, rapid heating of amorphous material, reach the set temperature, cooling, reduce a certain temperature, then to rapid heating material, cool again. Through repeated high and low temperature changes, the amorphous matrix precipitation in accordance with the requirements of the size of nanocrystals. In the process, attention should be paid to control the annealing, heating parameters, otherwise easily lead to produce the crystallization of the material is not up to standard.
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