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Amorphous core rolling method with its influence on productivity

by:Transmart     2020-07-13
Amorphous belt material as a new type of magnetic conductivity of raw materials, compared with traditional materials, with higher permeability and cost, economic benefit in the transformer core manufacturing industry has widespread use. With iron as the key elements of amorphous alloy with high saturation magnetic induction intensity and low loss characteristics. Because of the properties, amorphous alloy materials in electronic devices, airlines, aerospace, machinery and equipment, electronic optical industries has broad use of indoor space. At present, with the electronic information technology to the development trend of high frequency and practical, amorphous super nanometer microcrystalline soft magnetic alloy products has become a variety of magnetic components, instead of silicon steel, such as metallography and mo alloy used in electric power industry, electronics industry production and power electronic technology, as a voltage transformer, power supply transformer, inverter power supply, and process control of power transformer transformer, tubular reactor, filter, transformer, controller, etc. At this stage of amorphous hot rolling strip production scale is very big, but apart from some companies, most manufacturers have picked out the line winding, this will reduce the amorphous productivity of hot rolling steel strip. As a result, people brought the amorphous free online put a roll of conducting scientific research and analysis, and conclusions. First, people must design scheme of amorphous free online winding of the overall plan of hot rolling steel strip, in rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor for motor work, grasp the rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control mode. Estimates and the physics of each roll specifications, according to the provisions of load inertia matching and output power matching, able to apply the type of the motor. Use MFC control module in Visualc main parameters page. 0 in design. Second, conducted according to the hardware design of a control circuit board DSP28335, contain the minimum system control module, communication control module and human-computer interaction technology control module. Software development in CCS3. 3 compiled under the natural environment, including communication program flow, liquid crystal display driver installation and motor control program flow. The rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor speed control circuit and electricity flow control circuit of the double closed loop control. Using MFC to write a single-chip industrial touch screen, online monitoring of motor operation situation. Eventually support system software was introduced in detail the general composition and classification, and it is concluded that the closed loop control of constant support winding tension control mode. Created with rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor as driving force components support mathematical analysis model of the system software. Choose according to the state equation of the reactive robust control ( ARC) Computer algorithm for the support of the loop and speed loop control board, simulation, concluded that the design is very reasonable. The left support observer design, simulation safely draw the conclusion that the effect of the design. In the Matlab/Simulink control module for free online winding system software to carry out the comprehensive control, the speed of the motor is obtained curve, analyses the workings of the motor, consistent with simulation results.
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