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Amorphous Cores: Effective Addition To Transformers’ Industry

Amorphous Cores: Effective Addition To Transformers’ Industry


Whenever we hear the word Amorphous metals, the only thought that comes to our subconscious is petroleum machinery' covering and medical surgeries instruments. What if we tell you that these specialized alloys are used in your laptop chargers and doorbells, serving as an alternative to valuable chemicals like titanium?

Yes, you read that right! Amorphous metals, also called metallic glasses, have taken the electrical industry by storm with their remarkable and exceptional impacts. Its permeability, electrical conductivity, and higher density have not only saved thousands of dollars but markedly increased the efficiency ratio of transformers.


Transformers–the tiny electronic devices used to manage the voltage supply between two circuits without causing any changes to the current frequencies, with the help of producing electromagnetic effects.


Confused? No worries, we got you covered here! We will thoroughly discuss the amorphous cores and their impact on the functionality of transformers. So, ensure to give this article a brief read till the end!


So, let's move forward....


Amorphous Cores: Ruling The Transformers World

Amorphous cores are made using ferromagnetic amorphous metal, arranged into multiple thin coils. This amorphous alloy, also known as Metglas, is a mixture of iron (Fe) with silicon, phosphorus, and boron.

Amorphous cores are basically made of soft magnetic material. They are an invention of the unique technology of quick solidification of melted metals in the form of thin foils.

This potent alloy combination has brought significant changes in the manufacturing processes of transformers.

Compared to other transformer cores, these specialized cores have high permeability, potency, magnetic characteristics, and better electrical conductivity.   


What Are Amorphous C Cores?

The amorphous C-cores are used in AC reactors and DC conductors, ranging from 10 to 1,000+ amperes. They are specialized transformers cores as they are perfect to work at high frequencies without bringing any changes in the flux level.

Due to their low magnetization losses property, they are especially suitable for PFC (Power Fraction Correction) and storage chokes. Amorphous c-cores are best for electronic devices and machinery that require high voltage for a more extended period. They are easily installed, and wielding copper wires in them is also simple due to their shape.

4 Basic Types Of Amorphous Core Transformers


Using amorphous cores in the transformers is undoubtedly one of the biggest successes in the transformers industry. Due to their highly-magnetic properties and decreased corrosion risks, they have become a priority of transformer core manufacturers.

But they are further divided into four categories, so let's thoroughly look at them individually.


Filter Inductor Cores:


Although this core is a little expensive compared to other amorphous cores types, its excellent conducting, high permeability range, low potential loss, and high frequencies make it worth every penny.  

This type of amorphous core only requires a few turns to work. It has high magnetic saturation flux density as well as effective anti-DS bias properties.


Hybrid Current Cores:


Determining the voltage of AC accurately while producing resistance towards DC components, Anti-DC hybrid current transformer core has efficiency, strong resistance towards DC components as well as excellent temperature characteristics.

It is made of an amorphous and nanocrystalline alloy core and could fulfill the high precision and linearity requirements. They can be used in electric meters and electric power measurement systems.


Amorphous Rectangular Cores:


From strong anti-DC bias properties to low-temperature rise and decreased heat production, these Fe-based amorphous rectangular cut cores have excellent magnetic properties.

Their high saturating inducting properties result in decreased and compact core size, an easy mounting process, and low core loss. They are commonly used in PV inverters, UPS power supplies, and PFC chokes.


Amorphous Toroidal Cores:


Requiring output filter inductor, choke coils for converter, and choke coils for application, Fe-based amorphous toroidal cut cure is rounded shape for quick and effortless installation.

Similar to other amorphous core types, it also possesses excellent high frequency and temperature controlling characteristics, resulting in low heat generation and CO2 emission, as well as low core loss and high permeability.


Why Getting An Amorphous Core Transformer Beneficial?

Apart from the fact that the alloy combination of the amorphous cores makes it one of the most powerful and efficient transformers, it has many other benefits you should certainly know. So, let's move forward!

● Low Corrosion Rates: As the core is made of a combination of metals, the iron content and effectiveness are decreased to a greater extent. So, it reduces the chances of getting rust on our laminated steel plates.


● Reduced No Load Losses: Many losses can negatively impact the transformer's efficiency, like iron loss, copper loss, Eddy's current loss, and resistive loss. But with amorphous cores, you can reduce the losses up to 20% to 30% compared to the traditional silicon steel transformers.   


● Environment-Friendly Functionality: As the amorphous core produces less heat, it contributes to environmental protection as the generation of Co2 is reduced.


● Excellent Overload Performance: Again, as the heat production is decreased, not only is the overall overload performance of the transformers boosted, but it also positively decreases the aging of transformers and insulators.


● Easy Repair And Low Maintainece Cost: Although, getting a regular check of transformers is critical for maximum efficiency. But amorphous cores are more reliable than ordinary silicon steel transformers. Moreover, they are easily repairable due to their shape and have low maintenance costs.



Transmart - An Ultimate Solution For Your Amorphous Cores Needs!

Transmart, a reliable name in the industry and a priority of international customers worldwide,  has a wide variety of high-quality electronic devices and transformers at the most affordable rates.

Having a long history of serving clients from 50+ countries, Transmart understands the needs of a customer as well as the standards of the industry.

Our experienced and skilled engineers and staff members are expert enough to manage the devices' manufacturing, packing, and shipping process in the most hassle-free manner.

Transmart offers premium following products:


● Soft magnetic components

● Nanocrystalline cores

● Amorphous cores

● Silicon steel cores

● Mumetal cores

● Electronic transformers

With advanced properties such as high permeability, improved electrical conductivity and magnetic induction, amorphous cores are leading an effective era in the transformers' industry.

Moreover, to ensure people's better electrical experiences, Transmart delivers high-quality products to users to solve their transformer concerns.

So, what's stopping you from getting components on a wholesale price with up-to-the-mark quality? Get your transformers from Transmart and protect your devices and machinery from fluctuating voltage problems.






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