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Amorphous nanocrystalline core mainly has the following requirements

by:Transmart     2020-07-06
Amorphous nanocrystalline core basically has the following requirements: amorphous nanocrystalline core high saturation magnetic induction; As far as possible low loss at high frequency; High initial permeability; The temperature of the high Curie temperature and good stability; Environmental stability is good, is not sensitive to stress; Some purposes such as rectangular pulse transformer also requires a high than Br/Bs or low Br. Amorphous nanocrystalline core because of its thickness and resistivity, and other factors in 50 ~ 1000 KHZ range that can meet the performance requirements, this makes the amorphous nanocrystalline core current development and application is very active in the spectrum. Transmart is an export-oriented company, customers in more than 50 countries. Most of our clients are from Europe and North America. We provide nanocrystalline steel, amorphous silicon steel and steel of high quality around the core. Product applications include common mode choke, hall effect current sensor, low and medium voltage instrument transformer, residual current circuit breaker, reactor, inductors, etc.
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