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Amorphous nanocrystalline core using the double roller method

by:Transmart     2020-06-11
Amorphous nanocrystalline core adopts double roller method, double roller is molten alloy injection to between two high speed rotary roll backward, in the process of rapid solidification was rolled into thin belt. In theory, the method of double roll cooling rate is greater than the single roller method, and both sides can make the strip of the same quality, uniform, but due to the engineering technical issues, difficult to play its advantages. Now rarely use this system on the industrial production methods. Transmart is an export-oriented company, customers in more than 50 countries. Most of our clients are from Europe and North America. We provide nanocrystalline steel, amorphous silicon steel and steel of high quality around the core. Product applications include common mode choke, hall effect current sensor, low and medium voltage instrument transformer, residual current circuit breaker, reactor, inductors, etc.
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