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Another factor of the core loss is? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-15
Under the condition of the rule of metal film, which prompted a magnetization on the membrane surface. If it has a good columnar structure column shape anisotropy, and it may lead to magnetized perpendicular to face a lot of direct axis. Magnetic material loss as found in the alternating current (ac) application, with the passage of time the use of ferromagnetic materials in changing magnetic field, frequency effect on the properties of magnetic materials should be paid attention to. To calculate the permeability affected by variable frequency. In addition, consideration should be given associated with the materials of variable magnetic field through consumption. Loss when determining proper magnetic materials in communication application is an important factor of concern iron losses. This term indicates the power loss of core by variable magnetic field. Normally, should pass will fell to a low metal loss. Core loss can be expressed as the sum of hysteresis loss and eddy current loss. Another factor to the core loss is called the eddy current loss. In the ferromagnetic materials subjected to alternating magnetic field, the induction of materials will generate electricity. The current value is often referred to as eddy current, which is based on the frequency of the applied magnetic field, the resistivity of material, induction intensity and the convenience of current in the material cycle. The electric currents that generates heat from the core material. Eddy current loss is usually called the role of apparent loss in core eddy current loss. BoPo mo alloy layer of appropriate performance in various research and equipment is important. It is used for transformer core, magnetic core, magnetic shielding box, head box, soft magnetic alloy core cassette magnetic shielding, watch components, sensors, automotive speed meter, integrated electricity meter, magnetic sensor, floppy disk drive, automotive sensors, VTR +, diaphragm VTR + cameras.
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