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C - a brief introduction on the transformer The CORE CORE have what different

by:Transmart     2021-01-23

first of all, when it comes to the C - The CORE part of the CORE set of winding in large extent, actually is also referred to as 'column', it is not set of winding, to a large extent, actually is also will direct can play a role of the magnetic circuit part is also referred to as 'yokes of iron. All the C - CORE CORE surrounded on winding actually is also known as shell, all surrounded by winding heart column, in fact is the CORE type.

and, on the other, when it comes to the C - CORE on the shell and CORE type iron CORE is also have distinguishing feature each, however, because of its CORE to a large extent, actually is also will determine the transformer on the manufacturing process is also there will be a larger difference, in chooses the different kinds of structure also is actually will be hard to turn a structure. And, is our country most of the transformer core is actually adopted pile core type.

moreover, speaking of single-phase and three-phase C - The CORE CORE. Say to this, in fact is also include the yoke type four pillars near the core of single-phase single, single phase double column type fold core, then, actually also is consists of single phase radial fold core these five; Core for three phase also is actually will fold core consists of three phase column type, and there will be three phase side 5-limb core yoke type, moreover, actually, that is, there will be a three phase double folding box type iron core with three-phase reactor core of these four.

then, C - Actually is also on the CORE CORE can have vertical and plane type, however, is the heart of a vertical column and iron yoke to a large extent, actually is not in the same plane.

the end, when it comes to vertical and plane type C - CORE CORE, its will to a great extent, actually is also including radiant, involute type, then, to a great extent, actually is also would include direct symmetric, due to its relatively even, the distribution of magnetic flux in its to a large extent, which is able to reduce the loss of its own.
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