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Can magnetic ring inductors and I-shaped inductors be interchanged? -

by:Transmart     2023-01-14

Both the magnetic ring inductance and the I-shaped inductance are used for the control of circuit signals, so when the inductance value is the same, to a certain extent, can the magnetic ring inductance and the I-shaped inductance be interchangeable? Let us first look at their respective characteristics: I-shaped The inductor has the characteristics of high power and high magnetic saturation, low impedance and small size. I-shaped inductors are not only small in size, but also relatively easy to install and convenient. They are plug-in inductors that take up little space; high Q factor; small distributed capacitance; high self-resonant frequency; Inductance uses wires to pass AC voltage and current. I-shaped inductors generate alternating magnetic flux around the inside of the wires when AC current passes through the wires. The ratio of the magnetic flux of the wires to the current that produces this magnetic flux is general. It is used for circuit matching and signal quality control, general ground connection and power connection. the

Magnetic ring inductors are commonly used anti-interference components in electronic circuits. They have a good suppression effect on high-frequency noise and are generally made of ferrite materials. The magnetic ring has different impedance characteristics at different frequencies. Generally, the impedance is very small at low frequencies. When the signal frequency increases, the impedance of the magnetic ring increases sharply. Everyone knows that the higher the frequency of the signal, the easier it is to radiate out, and the general signal lines are not shielded, so these signal lines become good antennas, receiving various messy high-frequency signals in the surrounding environment, And these signals are superimposed on the originally transmitted signal, and even change the original useful signal transmitted. Then, under the action of the magnetic ring, the normal and useful signals can pass through well, and the passage of high-frequency interference signals can be well suppressed. the

To sum up: under the condition of the same inductance value, it mainly depends on what role they play in the circuit. If it is just filtering, it is for the signal and can be replaced naturally; if it is an oscillating circuit, the magnetic ring inductance and I-shaped It is not a bad idea to interchange the inductance, but the performance of the I-shaped inductance is more durable than the magnetic ring.
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