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Can our logo or company name be printed on nano core ?
For all nano core , we can provide customized logos. We offer professional design, production and customization services. We will confirm the design with you before production.

Transmart Industrial Limited is a reliable partner for mu metal transformer core. We have many years of experience in product production and overseas marketing. Transmart's mumetal cores series contains multiple sub-products. Transmart nanocrystalline ribbon is manufactured with the help of computerized data acquisition systems which ensure precise measurements of thermal performance and cooling effects. The unrivaled magnetic properties are counted as its most prominent feature. For people who have skin sensitivities, this product will be the best safe choice as it will not easily cause any skin allergy or irritability. High energy storage capacity is one of its advantages.

Superior quality is the standard we set for all our products. We will never compromise on our goal to provide consumers with the best products that perform at the highest levels.
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