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Classification of Transformer Cores

Classification of Transformer Cores


Classification of Transformer Cores

Shell core

The part of the iron core that covers the winding is called the "stem", and the part that does not cover the winding and only functions as the magnetic circuit is called the "yoke". Where the iron core surrounds the winding, it is called the shell type; where the winding surrounds the core column, it is called the core type. The shell type and the core type have their own characteristics, but the transformer manufacturing process determined by the iron core is quite different. Once a certain structure is selected, it is difficult to turn to a structure. Most of the transformer cores in my country use stacked cores.

Single-phase and three-phase cores

The single-phase iron core has a single-phase two-column laminated iron core. There are five types of single-phase single-column side yoke four-leg cores, single-phase double-column stacked cores, and single-phase radial stacked cores; three-phase cores include three-phase column stacked cores and three-phase side yoke five-column cores There are four types of iron core, three-phase double-frame laminated iron core, and three-phase reactor laminated iron core. Stator silicon steel sheet

Three-dimensional and flat cores

The three-dimensional core column and the iron yoke are not in the same plane. There are radial, involute, and symmetrical types. Because the magnetic flux distribution is relatively uniform, the loss can be reduced; the planar core column and the iron yoke are in the same plane, and the mechanical High strength and good manufacturability.

Stacked cores and wound cores

Generally, they are laminated iron cores, which are formed by stacking iron cores. There are many forms of wound cores. The air gap between the core column and the iron yoke of the involute iron core is large, which affects the no-load current, so the capacity cannot be made too small; but because the leakage flux enters the plane of the iron chip perpendicularly, the additional loss is affected, so the slice width is not suitable Too large, that is, the capacity cannot be too large.

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The core is mainly composed of core body, fasteners and insulating parts:

①The iron core body and magnetic conductor are made of electrical steel sheet.

② Fasteners, clamps, screws, glass lashing tapes, fresh lashing tapes and spacer blocks, etc.

③Insulation parts, clip insulation, insulation pipes and insulation pads, grounding sheets and feet, etc.

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