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Core noise improvement measures

by:Transmart     2021-01-25
2019 - core noise improvement measures 03 - 30 15:05:38 adopts magnetic and miniature high permeability material, prevent and reduce the silicon steel sheet in the processing, the production process by mechanical impact, otherwise it will make the magnetostriction of silicon steel sheet increased, thereby increasing the noise of the iron core. The epoxy glue on the iron core face or polyester, can increase the constraint of the surface tension of iron core, also can rise to reduce the amount of magnetostrictive, reduce the effect of noise. 1, use super orientation high permeability silicon steel sheet using ultra orientation high permeability silicon steel sheet, high permeability silicon steel sheet can improve the integrity of crystal orientation, improve the insulation layer, enhance coating resistance to tension, which reduces the magnetostriction. In the magnetic flux density is 1. 5 t, high grain oriented silicon steel sheet of the magnetostriction only 60% of the general silicon steel sheet. Therefore, under the same flux density, high quality silicon steel sheet of the magnetostriction is small, the corresponding vibration is small, can make the iron core of the noise in the same job flux density under the lower 2 ~ 4 db ( 一) , but due to high permeability silicon steel sheet silicon content than ordinary high silicon steel sheet, silicon steel sheet hardness, core shear tool wear is bigger. At the same time, high permeability silicon steel sheet is relatively common silicon steel sheet prices high, improve the product cost. 2, reasonable narrow core diameter, minimize the volume of iron core transformer core section is symmetrical multistage trapezoidal approximate circular cross section, core issue body for noise, can be regarded as countless symmetrical waves in a low voice, if the air gap between the core and low voltage winding separation, truncation symmetry sound waves related pathways, noise can be greatly reduced, generally can reduce 4 ~ 6 db ( 一) 。 3, to reduce the iron core is rated flux density lower core rated flux density can reduce noise products. Core adopts multilevel joint core than two levels of joint no-load noise is small, can make the noise reduction of 4 ~ 5 db ( A) Because the use multilevel ( Cet 4 or above) Seams, magnetic flux in the joint distribution is uniform, and gets gap flux density in the greatly reduced, cause the joint caused by magnetic suction noise decreasing. In addition, reduce juncture, can reduce the amplitude, at the same time reduces the size of the power transformer excitation and excitation current, make the sound power slash, can reduce the no-load noise 4 ~ 5 db ( A) 。 Tests show that rated flux density in 1. More than 45 t, flux density of each lower 0. 1 t, iron core noise can reduce 2 ~ 3 db ( 一) , but the flux density of lower not only increase the cost of the product, and make the core size. Core rated flux density is too low, can't play to the advantages of high quality silicon steel sheet low loss. Reduce the flux density, therefore, cannot exceed 10% of the standard flux density. 4, improving the manufacture technology of core technology and core fastening force also have great influence to the noise. In manufacturing iron core, so the magnetic flux along the orientation of the crystal lattice for cold rolled silicon-steel sheet completely and core around made into shape after annealing treatment must be undertaken, continuous winding core without joint gap, reduce the no-load loss coefficient of additional process, thus reducing the no-load loss and waste current, reducing the noise of the iron core. Improving the structure of clamp parts on both ends of clamp parts increase spacing device and pay attention to the core clamping force control appropriate, can to a certain extent, have effect of reducing the noise of a product. Ladder joints laminated, can without any increase in the cost of materials under the premise of reducing the noise of the products the runtime.
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