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Crystal composition analysis

by:Transmart     2020-10-09
Out by measuring with figure 9 shown in the diagram of the soft magnetic alloy film of the same soft magnetic alloy membrane phase part for the analysis of the results. Through the use of distributed energy X-ray spectrometer ( EDS) ; And shows by measuring the same part of amorphous soft magnetic alloy membrane phase and the analysis of the results. Can be seen from these results, crystalline phase section contains a large number of b - c - C Fe and amorphous phase section contains a high concentration of Hf and O. The Cu peak attributed to EDS stent in figure; They are not caused by soft magnetic alloy membrane contains elements. By comparing the results obtained from figure 1 and figure 2. Refer to figures 8 and 9, with property values shown in table 1. With the structure shown in figure 7, compared to the sample of the figure 9 structure contains a larger proportion of amorphous phase. 8. Due to the proportion of the amorphous phase is larger, the resistivity value of the samples increased significantly, as shown in table 1, the coercive force basic remain unchanged. Therefore, found that by reducing the proportion of fine Fe crystalline phases in order to increase the proportion of the amorphous phase, can not change substantially increase than resistance under the condition of coercive force. The next step out with the composition through the use of the soft magnetic alloy magnetic inductor membranes ( Planar magnetic components) The structure of the.
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