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Current sensor magnetization of the magnetic core

by:Transmart     2020-10-06
Induction coil, a kind of electrical equipment used to produce intermittent high voltage source. A cylindrical induction coil by the soft iron core, its two coil winding: inside or coil, with relatively little of the copper wire, and around a coil, has a large amount of fine copper wire coils. The interrupt is used to automatically produce and disconnect the coil current. The current sensor magnetization of the magnetic core and in the large magnetic field induction coil. When the current in the coil at the start of the electromotive force is induced in the coil and coil. Coil instead of electromotive force to gradually rise to its current value. Therefore, in the beginning, when the current coil in the magnetic field and induced voltage time rate of change is relatively small. On the other hand, when the current is interrupted, the magnetic field is reduced, and produce relatively large voltage in the coil. The voltage of v, duration for the magnetic field changes in a short time. Therefore, short duration of induction coil voltage and small reverse voltage for a relatively long time. The changes of frequency is decided by the frequency of the interrupter. The theory of optimization of induction coil magnetometer and implementation issues. Optimize the simple magnetic model based on the source, induction coil and current voltage converter. Optimization program for electric model and the characteristic equation has been derived from the mainstream theory. Equation has been modified, can be used in the design of the computer. This program makes magnetometer signal-to-noise ratio. Magnetometer and its parameters were optimized by building and measured to verify the results. The theory was used to construct the difference magnetometers, its significantly improved one coil in the magnetic noise environment magnetometer performance.
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