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Early know saturated alloys

by:Transmart     2020-10-20
In the field of telecommunications, manufacturing, compact power and inductance energy storage and size do not show the rest and design the same value. Most of the occupied by a power circuit board, need to increase the efficiency and manufacturing printed circuit boards, PCB, compact. As of today, power for the circuit board with different voltage level. A trend is in the circuit voltage, soft magnetic alloy so we need a larger current to keep the same power level. The two factors of inductor put forward higher requirements, so interesting is the study of alternative materials. Traditionally, it has the air gap of the ferrite has been used for choke inductor in power. Focusing on ferrite is they early saturation. This might be solved by increasing the air gap, but this will increase the component of total damage. Powder materials, such as iron powder, aluminum powder, iron, molybdenum alloy MPP and high flux under the saturation point. Powder materials together with the distribution of the air gap is small particles. This adhesive has always been a major problem because it will deteriorate over time and reduce the performance of the inductor. By using the adhesive instead of adhesives, has been. Through the use of alternative powder material's purpose is to reduce the size of the inductor, but maintain performance. 1. 2 objective the purpose of this paper is to study, the performance of the test and analysis of inductance coil. Instead of powder alloy. Then these comparing with conventional ferrite and iron powder core.
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