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Electric vehicle core

by:Transmart     2022-05-05

Nanocrystalline magnetic core for DC bus of new energy electric vehicle, customized EMC oval amorphous nanocrystalline magnetic core, inverter EMI magnetic core

Nanocrystalline magnetic cores are mainly used in electric vehicle power control and frequency converters, which are convenient to pass directly through the busbar. It is installed between the inverter and the motor to filter out high-frequency noise to protect the inverter and motor bearings. It is widely used in new energy electric vehicle powertrains and charging stations, allowing the car to pass the EMC test. Nanocrystalline elliptical cores for electric vehicles can be used on both the DC side and the AC side.

Amorphous and nanocrystalline magnetic cores, as new magnetic materials, can be widely used in new energy electric vehicles, solar power generation, wind power generation, large-scale development power supply, laser power supply, and aircraft. The main functions are transformers, common mode noise suppressors, filter inductors, and current transformers.

Compared with traditional ferrite, amorphous and nanocrystalline magnetic cores have more than 5 times higher magnetic permeability and 2 times higher saturation magnetic induction. The filtering effect is greatly improved, and the overcurrent capability is also greatly enhanced. Can adapt to the harsh environment of high temperature.

Amorphous nanocrystalline magnetic core is a customized magnetic core, which is customized according to the customer's drawing size requirements. We are currently working with a number of new energy electric vehicle and controller manufacturers at home and abroad to develop high-performance oval amorphous and nanocrystalline EMC filter cores. The controller easily passed the EMC test. Welcome to custom drawings and samples.

At present, our magnetic cores have good reflection effect in the process of customer's use, and the performance meets similar foreign products, and the price is only one-third to half of foreign products, and the cost performance is high. The product is not limited by fixed size, and the magnetic core can be customized according to the customer's shell, which is convenient for manufacturers to design.

Nanocrystalline Core Characteristics
Material: iron-based nanocrystalline
Saturated magnetic induction: 1.25T
Permeability @ 10KHz:> 50000
Permeability @ 100KHz:>10500
Curie temperature(℃): 560
Lamination factor: 0.78
Saturation Magnetostriction Coefficient(*10^-6):> New Energy Vehicle Powertrain Controller

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