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Inductance coils should pay attention to those problems when using and installing

Inductance coils should pay attention to those problems when using and installing


The electronic component mounting board in any electronic equipment is carefully arranged, comprehensively laid out and reasonably designed by engineers and technicians according to the performance characteristics of the various components used. As the installer of the coil, pay attention to the following issues.

(1) The installation position of the coil should meet the design requirements

  The relative position of the assembly position of the coil and other various components must meet the design regulations, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the whole machine. For example, the positions of the high-frequency choke coil and the magnetic antenna in a simple semiconductor radio should be properly arranged; the antenna coil and the oscillating coil should be perpendicular to each other, which avoids the influence of mutual coupling.

(2) The coil should be visually inspected before installation

  Before use, check whether the structure of the coil is firm, whether there is looseness or looseness in the turns, whether the lead contact is loose, whether the magnetic core rotates flexibly, whether there is a sliding buckle, etc. After all these aspects have passed the inspection, proceed with the installation.

(3) If the coil needs to be fine-tuned during use, the fine-tuning method should be considered

  Some coils need to be fine-tuned during use. It is inconvenient to change the number of coil turns. Therefore, the method of fine-tuning should be considered when selecting. For example, a single-layer coil can be used to remove the number of coils that are close to the end point, that is, wind 3 to 4 turns on one end of the coil in advance, and move its position to change the inductance during fine-tuning. Practice has proved that this adjustment method can fine-tune the inductance of ±2% to ±3%. For coils used in shortwave and ultrashortwave circuits, a half circle is often reserved for fine adjustment, and this half circle is removed or turned to change the inductance to achieve fine adjustment. The fine-tuning of the multi-layer segmented coil can be realized by moving the relative distance of a segment. The number of turns of the movable segment should be 20%-30% of the total number of turns. Practice has proved that this fine-tuning range can reach 10%-15%. For coils with magnetic cores, the inductance of the coil can be fine-tuned by adjusting the position of the magnetic core in the coil tube.

(4) When using the coil, pay attention to maintaining the inductance of the original coil

  When the coil is in use, do not change the shape of the coil casually. The size and the distance between the coils, otherwise it will affect the original inductance of the coil. Especially the higher the frequency, the fewer the coils. Therefore, the high-frequency coils currently used in televisions are generally sealed and fixed with high-frequency wax or other dielectric materials. In addition, it should be noted that during maintenance, do not change or adjust the position of the original coil at will, so as not to cause detuning.

(5) The installation of the adjustable coil should be easy to adjust

  The adjustable coil should be installed in an easy-to-adjust position of the machine, so that the inductance of the coil can be adjusted to achieve the best working condition.

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