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Magnetic rings have great significance in life

Magnetic rings have great significance in life


Magnetic loop wire is an electromagnetic wire with plastic insulation layer. It realizes the conversion of electromagnetic energy in the form of winding, so it is also called winding wire.

Magnetic loop wire is an insulated wire used to manufacture coils or windings in electrical products. The magnetic ring wire is mainly wound on the magnetic ring and placed in the energy-saving lamp and electronic product rectifier to form a vibration transformer. It has three windings and forms a self-excited vibration circuit with the other two triodes to eliminate electromagnetic interference! At present, the magnetic ring line is mainly used on the energy-saving lamp, and the three lines are wound on the magnetic ring to form a high-frequency transformer. Its working principle is: 110V / 220V AC input, bridge rectification and filtering, and the frequency conversion circuit is composed of high-frequency transformer, two triodes, db3 and three resistors, which becomes a frequency of about 10kHz and a high voltage of hundreds of volts, and then by capacitance The inductance is output to the lamp tube to turn it on.

PVC magnetic loop can effectively reduce the magnetic field interference in electrical appliances, instruments, telecommunications equipment and welding equipment. The magnetic field will cause the failure of magnetic sensitive parts in the equipment control system. The electromagnetic wave radiated and leaked by electronic equipment not only seriously interferes with the normal work of other electronic equipment, resulting in equipment dysfunction and transmission error, but also threatens human health and safety.

General signal lines have no shielding layer, so these signal lines become good antennas to receive all kinds of messy high-frequency signals in the surrounding environment, and these signals are superimposed on the originally transmitted signals, and even change the originally transmitted useful signals. Then, under the action of PVC magnetic ring coil, the normal and useful signal can pass well, and the passage of high-frequency interference signal can be well suppressed, and the cost is low.

The most magnetic loop wires are used inside the energy-saving lamp. The three magnetic loop wires are wound around the magnetic loop, which forms a high-frequency transformer. The high-frequency transformer is like the heart of the whole energy-saving lamp, so the quality of the high-frequency transformer directly affects the quality of the energy-saving lamp. However, in order to reduce costs, many energy-saving lamp manufacturers use some low-quality magnetic ring wires and electronic components, which not only does not save energy, but also has a short service life, so they lose the significance of energy-saving lamps.

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