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Working principle of magnetic ring of energy saving lamp

Working principle of magnetic ring of energy saving lamp


The magnetic flux of the magnetic ring used in the energy-saving lamp is 1.5-2.0. The three wires are wound on the magnetic ring to form a high-frequency transformer. The approximate working principle is: 110V / 220V AC input, bridge rectification and filtering. The frequency conversion circuit is composed of high-frequency transformer, two triodes, db3 and three resistors, which becomes a frequency of about 10kHz and a high voltage of hundreds of volts, and then by capacitance The inductance is output to the lamp tube to turn it on.

magnetic ring

Inductance and capacitance are resonant circuits in series or in parallel. They have resonant frequency. The change of magnetic ring current is nothing more than charging and discharging. Capacitance and inductance are energy storage devices. Energy saving lamps generally work by two triodes in turn, one on and one off, You can judge the current of the coil and capacitor according to whether the triode is on or not. The function of the air compensation capacitor is nothing more than to provide part of the current when the triode is working and charge when the triode is cut off. On the other hand, it provides initial excitation when the oscillation of the circuit starts to work, so as to improve the stability of the oscillation circuit when the circuit is working.

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