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Introduction of C type iron core

by:Transmart     2020-05-16
The origin of the name, type C: it is formed by a ring of iron core or square iron core, after the treatment of it because cut into two appearance look like C, it is called a C type iron core. But C cutting is consist of two reasons, first is due to the needs of the performance, in theory, than C core and core for closed-loop has several advantages. First of all, the permeability is constant in larger scope, and the magnetic permeability can still control. And the closed-loop core is can't do that, and permeability instability will largely affect performance. The second is the reputation of the magnetic induction intensity C type close to zero, at some point so that we can provide higher he B, such as the single-ended flyback. More practical is the cutting of the reason for this is to install the convenience, let's say winding diameter is coarse, or in order to convenient bag line. If it is the first reason is to face standard of finish requirement may be extended appropriately, and if it is the second reason, the requirements of section finish is higher, after cutting the need for the section finish processing. Anyway, finish the cross section enhancement is conducive to EMI ( The electromagnetic interference) Control. On material, now C close material has FeSi, Ferrite, powder, and amorphous ( 1K101、1K107) And so on, our company current production of c-type iron core for amorphous materials. Because amorphous type C core, makes the user feel design compact structure, high efficiency high frequency power transformer and high frequency choke coil, and low noise. These contribute to the compact design, high efficiency and low noise power supply.
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