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Introduction of nanocrystalline alloy 1k107 strip

Introduction of nanocrystalline alloy 1k107 strip


Nanocrystalline alloy 1k107 strip

Performance characteristics:

Saturated magnetic induction strength in amorphous alloy - reduce device volume and low coercivity - improve device efficiency and low iron loss - reduce magnetic permeability with variable device temperature rise - meet different application requirements through different iron core heat treatment processes, good temperature stability - 55 ~ 130 ℃ long-time operation

Application fields:

Intermediate frequency power transformer core

Annular notchless iron core for smooth filtering output inductance and differential mode input inductance of switching power supply

Annular notchless iron core for noise suppression of car audio and choke of car navigation system

Ring cut iron core for PFC power factor correction in air conditioning and plasma TV. It is used for high-frequency rectangular cut iron core of switching power supply, uninterruptible power supply and other output inductors and transformers

Ring notchless core for IGBTs, MOSFETs and GTOs pulse transformers

Stator and rotor of variable speed motor and generator with high power density

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