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Introduction of nanocrystalline core material properties

by:Transmart     2020-07-22
Known in nanocrystalline soft magnetic material, grain size of 10 typical - Fe - 15 nm Si grain is the foundation of the excellent soft magnetic properties. Understand the material microstructure does not automatically lead to material loss calculation is feasible and accurate. Nanocrystalline core manufacturers limited material loss data, especially for the above 100 KHZ frequency, hinder the application of high frequency magnetic nanocrystalline materials. In this article, for up to 500 KHZ frequency and higher than that of 1 tesla fluid density, density of core loss of nanocrystalline materials are measured. Analysis will also help to develop magnetic core loss model design required. 英国《金融时报》, 3 m was selected as the typical features and usability.
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