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Introduction to C-type core

Introduction to C-type core


The origin of the name of Type C: It is obtained from a ring-shaped iron core or a square-shaped iron core after ancient treatment. Because it is cut into two, it looks like a C-like appearance, so it is called C-type iron core.

However, there are two reasons for the cutting of C-type. One is due to performance requirements. In theory, C-type iron cores have several advantages compared with closed-loop iron cores. First of all, the permeability is constant in a relatively large range, and this permeability can still be adjusted. The closed-loop iron core can't do it, and the unstable magnetic permeability will greatly affect the performance. The second is that the reputation of the C-type iron core is close to 0. In some cases, this can provide a higher B, such as a single-ended flyback converter.More practically, the reason for this cutting is for the convenience of installation, for example, the winding diameter is relatively thick, or to facilitate the installation of the wire package. If it is for one reason, the requirements for end surface finish can be appropriately relaxed. If it is for the second reason, the requirements for section finish are higher, and section finish treatment is required after cutting. In any case, the improvement of section finish is conducive to EMI (electromagnetic interference) control.

In terms of materials, the current C-type intimate materials include FeSi, Ferrite, powder core, and amorphous (1K101, 1K107), etc. The C-type iron core currently produced by our company is made of amorphous material. Because the amorphous C-type iron core makes users feel that the design is compact, high-efficiency high-frequency power transformers and high-frequency choke coils are possible, and the noise is low. These contribute to a compact design, high efficiency and low noise power supply.

C core

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