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What is amorphous strip

What is amorphous strip


Amorphous strip, if you ask others if they know it, most people will be confused. Amorphous strip? I haven't heard of it. It's high-tech materials. In fact, it exists in our lives, and the high-voltage electrical appliances we use have it in it. So what exactly is an amorphous strip? Let us popularize science for everyone. We all know that matter is composed of atoms. Atoms can be arranged in a certain order or irregularly. We call the irregularly arranged internal atoms as non-crystalline material. On the contrary, the orderly arrangement is crystalline material.

Both crystalline matter and non-crystalline matter are accessible to us in our daily lives. Amorphous strip material, in layman's terms, is a material in which the substance is in a state between crystalline and amorphous. It does not exist in nature, it was invented by us humans.When crystalline materials such as steel are melted, the internal atoms move violently at high temperature. After the temperature is cooled, the atomic movement will gradually arrange in the original orderly sequence as the temperature drops to form crystals. Imagine that if the crystal melts and then cools quickly, so that its atoms do not have time to rearrange and are solidified in place, which results in an amorphous ribbon.

Scientists have discovered that amorphous strips have excellent characteristics such as high magnetic permeability, high resistivity, high magnetic induction, and corrosion resistance, which have the unparalleled advantages of traditional materials. Therefore, due to its many advantages, it is widely used in industries such as communications, electronic appliances, and over-temperature conductors. The huge demand in the domestic market has driven the rapid development of the amorphous strip industry.

amorphous strip

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