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Introduction to the functional principle of the switch-type current sensor

by:Transmart     2022-05-06

The switching current sensor has unique advantages in terms of ease of use, especially in the field measurement occasions where interruption is not allowed, it is almost a fixed choice. The open-close current sensors on the market are mainly based on the Hall principle or Rogowski coil. Due to the limitation of the working principle, the accuracy is generally not high, and only about 1% can be achieved. Power measurement and other fields require a large number of products with an accuracy level of 0.1% or higher, but current products cannot meet the performance requirements.

Design principle of open-close sensor
Traditional open-close current sensors, whether based on Hall principle or Rogowski coil, cannot theoretically achieve high accuracy. Sensors based on the Hall principle, even the non-opening and closing closed-loop Hall sensors with high precision, have an upper limit of accuracy of only about 0.3%. The disadvantages of Rogowski coils are also low accuracy, flexible Rogowski coils can only achieve 1%, and there are other obvious disadvantages, such as inability to measure DC, poor low-frequency characteristics, poor waveform quality, and obvious phase delay.u200bu200b

High-precision switch-type current sensor is a kind of DC current transformer (Direct Coupled Current Transformer, DCCT). test accuracy. In addition to the advantages of isolated measurement, it also has a series of significant advantages such as wide measurement dynamic range, extremely high measurement accuracy, frequency bandwidth, fast response speed, and basically not affected by external environments such as temperature. Compared with the previous generation Hall resistance current sensor, it has a qualitative improvement in performance.u200bu200b

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