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Iron-based amorphous alloy and iron nickel based amorphous alloy

by:Transmart     2020-05-08
Iron-based amorphous alloy composition: 20% 80% Fe, Si, B type metal elements performance: 1. High saturation magnetic induction intensity ( 1. 54T) 2. Compared with the loss of silicon steel sheet, permeability, excitation current and the iron loss is better than the silicon steel sheet, etc. Especially the low iron loss ( For the orientation of the silicon steel sheet - by one-third 1/5) Instead of distribution transformer silicon steel for energy saving - 60 70%. Application: widely used in power distribution transformer, high-power switching power supply, pulse transformer, magnetic amplifier, intermediate frequency transformer and core inverter, suitable for use under 10 KHZ frequency. Iron nickel based amorphous alloy composition: 40% Ni, 40% Fe and 20% metalloid element performance: 1. Medium saturated magnetic induction intensity ( 0. 8T) , higher initial permeability and high permeability, and high mechanical strength and good toughness. 2. In the middle and low frequency low iron loss. 3. Annealing heat treatment without oxidation in air, the magnetic field can be well after the rectangular loop. Application: widely used in the leakage switch, precision current transformer core and magnetic shielding, etc.
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