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Learn About Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke And How It Works?

Learn About Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke And How It Works?


Common mode chokes are electrical filters to let current signals pass through them. One common mode choke has a single core, and two coils are wound around it. This arrangement decreases the outside interference and reduces the noise. Moreover, a Nanocrystalline common mode choke is designed to reduce common mode noise. It doesn't even reduce the noise but decreases the board space and rejects the common mode noise to its maximum limit.

Transmart Nanocrystalline common mode choke manufacturers have designed them to work as a filter for electromagnetic noise signals in all circuits, whether DC/DC, DC/AC, or AC/DC circuits. These chokes have optimum temperature stability up to 130°C.

What is a Common Mode Choke?

Common Mode chokes block high-frequency noise but allows the required low-frequency signal or DC to pass through. A common mode choke works as an electrical filter, allowing some signals while blocking others. Common mode chokes are good at filtering due to their core material. Common mode choke manufacturers include an inductor that is cored with a highly absorbent material that blocks all the interference from outside while working in an electrical circuit.

A common mode choke allows equal current to pass, but it must be opposite so that flux can be created in the core. The flux produced will oppose the increase in current of the common mode. These chokes are used to filter out the noise or any interference, mostly in telecom, industrial, and electronic energy applications. Nanocrystalline common mode choke manufacturers have used them at places where major frequency conversions are required. Common mode choke manufacturers have designed it for welding equipment, generators, converters, and uninterruptible power supplies.

Current Flow In Chokes:

The current travels in one direction on both lines of the choke. As a result, a magnetic flux is generated to oppose the current. This opposing field will maximize reducing the noise. While, if we talk about the differential mode, the current flows in one direction while the other current flows in the opposite direction. Both lines of current travel in different directions.

Common mode current comes from sources like different inverters, unguarded electronics, radio signals, and motors. All those sources which are radiating noise without filtering it. The unfiltered noise will have interference from outside too and cause disturbance in the circuits. If the signals are filtered, there's no interference left, and the noise is reduced to the maximum extent.

Transmart- Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke

What Makes Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke Different?

Nanocrystalline common mode chokes are the advanced types of chokes. Nanocrystalline common mode choke manufacturers made them best at reducing noise at low frequency. Their damping process gets faster at a large rated current and less frequency. They are designed by using new materials and technology. Some of the features that cause us to choose Nanocrystalline common mode chokes are:

● They are small in size so they have high permeability and attenuation.

● Nanocrystalline common mode chokes use soft and advanced magnetic material to convert electrical signals.

● Nanocrystalline common mode chokes have features of flat temperature.

● They are the best option for being used at places of high voltage.

● Nanocrystalline common mode chokes have less weight and small size, so they cost less.

● They have the ability to reduce noise to a wider frequency span than other types of chokes.

These are some of the characteristics of Nanocrystalline common mode chokes that make them stand out in the market. Most people prefer buying an updated product rather than an older one. This is due to the technology advancing daily. So, Nanocrystalline common mode chokes have more features than ferrite chokes and are more preferred by the users.

How Does Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke Work?

A Nanocrystalline common mode choke had two windings in the same direction and a single core. It works like an inductor. First, the current is produced when the signals are passed through the winding. This current will produce a magnetic field as a result. Both load current and load magnetic field will cancel out each other so there will be no effect on the load current.

Common mode choke manufacturers, especially Nanocrystalline ones, have used soft magnetic core. So, they can reduce the maximum noise while filtering than most of the older chokes like ferrites. Moreover, Nanocrystalline common mode chokes have high inductance and high attenuation. The Nanocrystalline common mode chokes manufacturers have designed as an energy saver, resulting in less carbon emission.

What To See In a Common Mode Choke While Choosing?

There are many types and companies of common mode choke manufacturers. Every common mode choke manufacturer claims his choke to be the best among all. When you are about to choose a common mode choke, you must be wondering about what to consider and what not to. Here's a checklist for you to tick while buying a common mode choke:

● Keep in mind what material you need for your choke, either an advanced one or a traditional one.

● Be mindful of your budget. Those chokes having less weight and small size cost you less.

● Check out what frequency range you require to reduce the noise. Nanocrystalline common mode chokes have the widest range of frequency.

● See whether the choke can handle your required current or not. Moreover, see how much current and flux it can generate.

If the choke has the ability to attenuate noise, filter the signals, and cost you less, you can opt for it right now. You'll find most of these features in Nanocrystalline common mode chokes.


Nanocrystalline common mode chokes are the best for filtering the common mode noise. They not only reduce the noise by filtering but also prevent electromagnetic interference in the electrical circuits. Moreover, the electrical filters are made by networking a number of capacitors and inductors.

Transmart Nanocrystalline common mode choke manufacturers have designed these chokes using advanced technology. Along with preventing electromagnetic interference, common mode chokes are proven useful for preventing radio frequency interference too from the main power supply.


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