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Magnetic core coiling speed

by:Transmart     2020-10-02
In order to meet the processing technology of coil, the magnetic core winding configuration spindle speed adjustment function, winding equipment should be distinguished processing type of its configuration are different, we are familiar with the types of the spindle motor ac motor, dc motor, servo motor, these three categories, used by the motor speed control method has its own characteristics, combined with magnetic core winding equipment about below the equipment the speed adjustment way: one, of ac motor speed control mode: this type of motor itself is not speed function, it needs through electromagnetic speed regulating device or equipped with frequency converter to realize speed regulation function, we are more common in winding equipment frequency converter speed control mode, through winding equipment control system to control frequency converter motor speed control function, but also has the energy saving effect of the way. 2, dc motor speed control mode: the power of the dc motor will need to supply into direct current to drive the motor running, so the dc motor is equipped with dc speed control board or brushless drive motor to drive the control, the smaller size of motor in the small winding equipment are larger. Of three, servo motor drive control mode: it belongs to the precision in the moving parts is suitable for high precision winding equipment, and personal use drives are used to realize closed loop control operation, big constant torque is the feature of this kind of motor, the closed loop operation, used for satiety precision coil processing requirements.
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