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Magnets demand promoting

by:Transmart     2020-06-04
Magnets demand promoting demand and tight supply of rare earths prices rebound magnets ascension tight supply of rare earths prices rebound in the near future by factors such as magnets downstream demand development, market supply is tight, prices rebounded. Europium oxide, according to 3, rose almost 7%, close to a week for up to 18. 5%, terbium oxide, metal neodymium praseodymium and neodymium praseodymium oxide has been different varieties, such as degree increases. Since the beginning of the year, prices began to rise, some varieties of price rise nearly 10%, north of rare earth is raised re listing price again and again. From rare earth export situation in our country, in February 2017, the price falls, or a quantity to add but JiZeng quantity and price data, has appeared in March. Rare earth prices, on the one hand, from the policy mix effect. Frequent small batch purchase, special crackdown, six rare earth control strengthening, rare earth price come up. On the other hand, from rare earth consumption trend positive, improvement of supply and demand. Rare earth magnets for a quarter of the rare earth consumption, the annual average consumption growth reached 10%. In the other larger applications, such as catalyst, metallurgy, etc. Have a steady growth. Rising demand and total amount, quota index and normalized of rare earth's actual contraction of supply, prices rise.
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