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Most of the magnetic core winding application need to increase the secondary windings

by:Transmart     2020-10-12
In order to better adapt to the applications they use specifications, there are many in the wire gauge, electric coil type coil diameter line length and core material. Coil specification are customizable to satiety requirements. The basic structure of the electric coil is usually the core, the basic structure of the primary coil and secondary coil. The simple design, however, quickly becomes complex, increased the number of coil, the coil is also known as winding. Adopts full coil winding is defined as having a component, it is used to connect from the input or output current. Although sometimes can only use a primary winding, but most of the magnetic core coiling application need to increase the secondary windings, some may even need three winding ( Known as the probe coil) 。 Power transformer, for example, is a primary and secondary windings of electrical coil, to the transmission of electrical energy from one circuit to another circuit without moving parts. The number of winding is not only affect the function of the electric coil, tap and coil can also. Coil tap is defined as the point of coil, the composed and most different exposed conductive strips. For example, when the magnetic core winding with large diameter, amount of inductance of the same size and current may be an issue. It will try to flow inside the wire, rather than the external flow. Another example is the multilayer electric coil, it has the problem of interlayer capacitance, is defined as the storage charge of electricity phenomenon, need spiral coil.
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