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Most of the transformer core will also need a winding drum

by:Transmart     2020-09-21
The ratio of actual coil number of turns in each coil is the key to the transformer type and the output voltage. The ratio of output voltage and input voltage between the two winding turn ratio is the same. If the winding is better than the winding wire number of turns, the output voltage is greater than the input voltage transformer. Output voltage gradually rise, is considered to be 'step-up transformer. If the winding circle number less than winding, the output voltage is low. Most of the transformer core will also need a winding drum, so as to adapt to the core, you choose and may help the installation of the finished products. The bobbin style and material, and you have measured value, so that in the later stages of the design details. Some do not need the bobbin, but we will keep these for another discussion. With that information, you can now calculate each different each layer winding can accommodate much of the winding line. Each wire gauge and wind how many layers to each for the calculation of a given winding turns. To calculate the distance the concentric winding winding. Please remember to use material to calculate the total winding distance between winding. To note here is the key to through the turn ratio of the voltage drop in load voltage. Later, it was added to the voltage drop. Then from the given subtract the sum of the open circuit voltage. This gives you the load output voltage. If the voltage is not what you want, please send the desired output voltage divided by calculate the output voltage, in order to obtain error rate. Using this ratio multiplied by a given number of turns and recalculate content from winding layer.
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