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Motor stator and rotor core common faults and processing methods

by:Transmart     2021-01-15
Motor stator and rotor core 2019 - common faults and processing method 03 - 30 15:06:10 core failure, can make the eddy current increases, the iron core is local overheating and affect the normal operation of motor. 1, the common fault of stator and rotor core core of common failures are: because of short circuit or stator winding grounding, arc burns iron core, silicon steel insulation damage caused by short circuit; Loose fastening and motor vibration caused by iron core; When the demolition of the old winding core for damage due to improper operation, overhaul when he was mechanical force damage, etc. 2, the stator and the rotor iron core fault processing method for winding short circuit or to ground arc burns iron core, but not serious, available method to repair the following: first, the core is clean, remove dirt and oil, will melt has burn local silicon steel sheet with a small file file, sand, to eliminate the defect of melt piece and piece together. Then the stator iron core near fault point ventilation slots, make the repair of silicon steel sheet have some leeway, then peel fault point of silicon steel sheet of the steel, silicon steel sheet will be burns on the carbide was removed, and then coated with silicon steel sheet varnish, insert a thin mica sheet, the ventilation slot into, core tightness. If iron core in the slot of tooth burns, just dropped the melting together of silicon steel sheet file. If affect the winding soundness is usable epoxy resin to repair the burn lack of part of the core. As the core of tooth end axial open outwards and pressure on both sides of the circle is not tight, can be in two pieces of steel plate disc ( Its diameter is slightly less than the diameter of the stator winding end) Center hole, single-column hydraulic press wear a stud, will be clamped on both ends of the iron core, and then tighten bolt, restore the core. When tank gear skew pointed mouth QianXiu are available. Middle of loose core, can be in loose parts into the rigid insulation materials, and then coated with bitumen paint ( No. 462) 。
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