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Other methods of reducing transformer core noise

by:Transmart     2021-01-22
Other methods of reducing transformer core noise - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:39 plus noise reduction based on tank structure, sound insulation layer is divided into modular and efficient type two kinds. Combined for: can be according to the external tank structure will be sound insulation board made several pieces of steel plate put the sound-absorbing material. Sound-absorbing materials are: rock wool, glass fiber, etc. Sound insulation wall to the transformer core ontology to reflect part of the noise emission; And when the noise through the sound insulation wall, also can be absorbed, have the effect of noise reduction. Piece of sound insulation plate bolts respectively fixed on the tank to strengthen iron, use this kind of sound insulation board 10 - can reduce the noise 15分贝。 Also can use effective sound insulation board, placed between two strengthen iron, by thin spring steel plate fixation. Additional weight frame is used to adjust the vibration characteristics of effective sound insulation board, to reinforce its amplitude was lower than that of iron, the amplitude of the effectively block the noise from the transformer core ontology, l0 - can reduce the noise 5dB( A) 。 Noise elimination method of noise elimination method is used to reduce the noise. Is placed within the transformer lm several noise generator, make them from the noise and the noise from the transformer core offset each other. It is the principle of the first turn on the transformer core, the noise of the signal into electrical signal, and then enlarge incentive noise generator, make the noise made by the noise, are equal in amplitude, phase, on the other hand, make the transformer core by destructive interference noise, can reduce noise 15 db ( A) The left and right sides. Other methods ( 1) In the design of low no-load noise transformer core, adopting self-cooled as far as possible, it can remove the noise of the fan and pump in the stack. When capacity is difficult to meet the need, in order to meet the needs of large capacity transformer cooling, as far as possible choose low noise submersible pump and low RPM fan cooler. Using low-speed fan, can make the self-cooling transformer capacity increased by 33%, to 69 db noise ( A) 。 According to the specific situation, also can use a two-speed fan. In load more hours to start the fan at low speed, noise can reduce the corresponding; To start the high-speed fan when load is bigger, can make the self-cooling transformer capacity increased by 67%, but at the moment, the noise is bigger, up to 75 db ( A) 。 ( 2) Decorate in the indoor transformer, consideration should be given by the noise reflection in metope can lead to the increase of noise. The appreciation is a transformer core surface area as a function of the ratio of the transformer room area, and related to the absorption coefficient of metope and ceiling. Using slag cotton or similar materials to metope coating processing, can increase the absorption coefficient, the noise is decreased obviously.
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