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Sensor magnetic core manufacturers: simple about linear range

by:Transmart     2020-10-18
What is the magnetic core of sensor linear range? The understanding of science is to use a way to get all conform to the requirements of the test results of precision and accuracy, and were used into the linear concentration range, the interval between large and small. But in the sensor industry is how to understand? Linear range sensor refers to output is proportional to the input range. Let's look at together. In sensor sensitivity to maintain constant value core linear scope, sensor linear range is wide, then its range was greater, can guarantee the accuracy of measurement. So we when selecting a sensor, a factor of the linear range is also very important oh, after determine the species is a first look at range can satiety we use requirement. If not, it is a good sensor doesn't suit. Need to know is that the sensor could not guarantee the absolute linear magnetic core, its linearity is relative, when required by the measurement accuracy is low, in the range, smaller sensor nonlinear error can be approximately as a linear, it will bring great convenience measurement. We all understand?
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