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Share the properties of amorphous materials

by:Transmart     2022-08-05

As a kind of rigid solid with special structure, metallic glass has higher strength than ordinary metals (such as amorphous Fe80B20, the fracture strength σF reaches 37kgf/mm, which is more than seven times that of ordinary structural steel); and the size effect of strength is very large. Small. Its elasticity is also better than that of ordinary metals, and the bending deformation can reach more than 50%. The hardness and toughness are also very high (Vickers hardness HV is generally around 1000-2000).

The corrosion resistance of iron-based metallic glass with low chromium content (such as Fe27Cr8P13C7) is far better than that of stainless steel. Due to the long-range disorder of the atomic arrangement, phonons have little contribution to conduction electron scattering, making their resistivity very high, generally above 100 μΩ cm at room temperature, and the temperature coefficient of resistivity is very small (less than ±10K); High residual resistance at 0K. In some amorphous alloys (such as PdSiCr), the resistance has a minimum value in the resistance temperature curve T=Tm, when T
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