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Silicon steel sheet of transformer core three advantages

by:Transmart     2021-01-15
Silicon steel sheet of transformer core three advantages - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:07 common transformer core are generally made with silicon steel sheet. Silicon steel is a kind of containing silicon ( Silicon is also called silicon) 8%. Made of silicon steel transformer core, because itself is a kind of silicon steel permeability ability very strong magnetic materials, in the current coil, it can produce larger magnetic induction intensity, which can make the volume of a transformer. Always work under state of communication, the actual transformer power loss is not only on the resistance of the coil, also produced under alternating current magnetic core. Often called the power loss of core & other; Iron loss & throughout; , the iron loss is caused by two reasons, one is & other; Hysteresis losses throughout the &; , one is & other; Eddy current loss & throughout; 。 Hysteresis loss is the core in the process of magnetization, due to the hysteresis phenomenon and the iron loss, the loss of the size and material of the hysteresis loop is directly proportional to the size of the surrounded. Silicon steel of hysteresis loop is narrow, the use of it in the iron core of transformer magnetic hysteresis loss is small, can make its degree of heat is greatly reduced. Since silicon steel has these advantages, why don't you do core blocks of silicon steel, and put it into sheet? 1, reduce the eddy current loss because the sheet iron core can reduce another iron loss & ndash; — “ Eddy current loss & throughout; 。 With alternating current in transformers, coils, it produces is alternating magnetic flux of course. The change of magnetic flux in the core current is induced. Core of induced current in the circulation in vertical direction of the magnetic flux plane, the so called eddy current. Eddy current loss as the core of fever. With each other in order to reduce the eddy current loss and the iron core of transformer insulation of silicon steel sheet pile, the eddy current in the circuit of long and narrow shape, through small cross section, to increase the resistance of the eddy current path; At the same time, the enlarged material resistivity of silicon in silicon steel, also reduce the eddy current effect. 35 mm thick cold rolled silicon steel sheet, according to the size of the core, cutting it growing form, and then fold into & other Day & throughout; The font or & other Mouth & throughout; The font. From the sense that if to reduce the eddy current, the thinner the thickness of the silicon steel sheet, joining together the strip is narrow, the better the results. This not only reduces the eddy current loss and reduce the temperature rise, also can save the materials of silicon steel sheet. But when the production of silicon steel sheet iron core. And starting from the side of the favorable factors, not only because it would make iron core, will greatly increase the working hours, also reduced the core cross section. Therefore, made of silicon steel sheet transformer core, should start from the specific circumstances, weigh the pros and cons, choose the right size. 3, improve the work efficiency of transformer is made according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. In above the core column of the closed around have two windings, a primary winding, and a pair of winding, when the original winding coupled with ac power supply voltage. Primary winding alternating current flow, and establish magnetic potential, in under the action of magnetic potential core to produce alternating magnetic flux, the main magnetic flux in the core through the primary and secondary windings and closed at the same time, due to the electromagnetic induction effect in the primary and secondary windings respectively produce inductive electromotive force, as to why it can step-up and step-down? That will need to be explained by lenz's law, the flux produced by the induced current, always hinder the change of the original magnetic flux, when the original magnetic flux increase flux produced by the induction current and contrary to the original magnetic flux, and is produced by the secondary winding induction magnetic flux and the original winding on the contrary, produced by the main magnetic flux are so low level in the secondary winding of alternating voltage is so iron core transformer magnetic circuit, winding is the circuit part of the transformer.
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