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Soft iron is mainly used in magnetic systems have? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-29
Soft iron is mainly used in magnetic systems, such as in the boots, yoke, permalloy core as magnetic anchoring material, and used in the form of a magnetic flux conductor plate. Soft iron shield can also control the strong magnetic field. Its high Curie temperature, allows you to use MUMETALL ® or PERMENORM ® 5000 the application of H2 is unable to realize, but the coercive field strength and dynamic loss is significantly higher than the latter. Saturated magnetic induction intensity of Bs acuity 0 1 j79 alloy. 75 t, Curie point ℃ = 450, resistivity ( μΩ•m) = 0. 55. Magnetostrictive coefficient is small, the magnetic conductivity, demagnetization fast, small coercive force, low eddy current loss and can be used to cover the entire frequency range, high frequency range. Products include: article, slice, bars, wire and foil. Is mainly used in switching power supply transformer, precision transformer, electric leakage switch transformer, magnetic shield, magnetic yoke and weak magnetic field application of the high sensitivity of small power supply transformer zero sequence power transformer, low power magnetic amplifier, high frequency power supply. The alloy composition of magnetic components due to its low ductility and cannot be completely commercialized. In order to overcome the shortcoming of the alloy, by gas atomization production 6. 7 weight % Si alloy powder, and then carries on the post-processing to form a magnetic core. By doing so, can reduce the hysteresis and eddy current loss to reduce total iron loss, this is attributed to grain size adjustment, and attributed to grain size control.
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