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Soft magnetic alloy heat treatment of how to do?

by:Transmart     2020-09-16
The role of permalloy have? Magnetic recording head is used for transformer lamination and sensors. Soft magnetic alloy core it is also used for transformer lamination and magnetic recording head sensors. Permalloy is usually used in the production of thin plate with laminated transformer core is made. According to the required performance, the proportion of nickel could range from 35% to 90%, for small power transformer, the percentage of nickel is about 78%. In three main soft magnetic alloy, the 36% of the nickel content of nickel and iron is lower. Soft magnetic alloy can be achieved by many common metal processing technology for processing. Don't need the equipment or process can produce the precise size, smooth surface of the parts. Speed steel and carbide cutting tool choice is depends on the production. When using carbide tool, the surface velocity feet per minute ( SFPM) Can two to three times more than the recommended. Soft magnetic alloy heat treatment technology program are usually based on material supplier's advice. Usually, the annealing process components manufacturing requirements will put appropriate cleaning system cleaning, to remove surface impurities, and then place it in the air tight tight type furnace. Then the annealing temperature is inclined to specific alloy parts ( Keep temperature) , and keep more time at the temperature ( Keep the time) , the length of time depends on the heat load. The longer the heat load, the greater the holding time. As mentioned in this article, which allows the domain of the material to achieve magnetic saturation, and the micro magnetic domain within the magnetic moment of spontaneous aligned in parallel configuration. And then in a controlled way to qualified rate ( Cooling rate) For parts for cooling, so as not to destroy the magnetic domain structure and arrangement.
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