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Soft magnetic materials made from iron core

by:Transmart     2020-09-16
If you are using soft magnetic materials such as silicon steel core, is easily magnetized, permalloy core silicon steel are credited with high permeability. In fact, many of the electromagnet and the solenoid core are made of iron or silicon steel, it is because of these materials with high permeability. So we can see that the magnetic conductivity magnetic flux density is divided by magnetic force. This means that if high magnetic flux density and magnetic force is low, the permeability is low. If the low magnetic flux density and magnetic force, high magnetic permeability. When we talk about this problem, iron and silicon steel has low remanence and low coercive force, which is making it a good material of other factors. They are easy to magnetization ( Low coercive force) And then easy to degaussing ( Low remanence) , partly because they are permeable. Adding silicon and silicon steel can reduce the eddy current and increase the long-term stability of the steel, so its features can remain unchanged for a long time. Just by looking at the hysteresis loop, we can learn a lot about the magnetic permeability of materials. Usually, high permeability of materials will be high and narrow hysteresis loop, the materials of low permeability will have wide hysteresis loop. The shape of the hysteresis loop is decided by the various factors affecting the magnetic properties of materials. Is usually narrow hysteresis loop of ferromagnetic material has high magnetic permeability, and is of wide hysteresis loop of material will have lower permeability.
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