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Study of amorphous alloy transformer in our country

by:Transmart     2020-06-05
Study of amorphous alloy transformer in our country China began to research of amorphous alloy transformer manufacturing office '>'. In the country of science and technology research 'amorphous alloy and alloy' topic will be 'made in amorphous alloy iron core distribution transformer research' as a key project. In May 1986, Shanghai iron and steel research cooperation with ningbo transformer factory, made the study of the amorphous alloy strip try system to make the domestic units 1 single-phase amorphous alloy transformer 3 kva. In September 1988, the Shanghai iron and steel research facility with Shanghai smelting metal factory, Shanghai silicon steel sheet plant cooperation sees fit and using traditional chip stack structure research to make successful amorphous distribution transformer of 100 kva three-phase, light damage, 187 w, is integrated with volume type of silicon steel sheet transformer no-load damage by 64%. In August 1989, the Shanghai iron and steel research and luoyang transformer factory try to make by 30 kva three-phase winding type amorphous iron core distribution transformer, no-load damage 36. 8 w, than with the integrated type to reduce volume of about 72%. From 1991 to 1995, Shanghai metal smelting facilities factory that produce and use kair institute of iron-based amorphous strip, try to make more than 20 kva, 30 kva, 50 kva, 100 kva three-phase winding type amorphous distribution transformer, points don't provide the hebei zhuozhou power bureau and tianshui agricultural machinery enterprise network run to try. Amorphous distribution transformer no-load damage group level than the same volume an S7 type transformer to reduce the %. Through the numerical and test in the operation of depending on a parameter, confirmed that the energy saving effect is remarkable, safe and reliable operation; With low temperature, strong resistance to reprint experienced a unique place. In August 1995, on the basis of SanWei three 'increase amdt application' in China office team vote, please shenyang transformer research is based on the amorphous alloy strip comerica enterprise performance unify the preset, group of tianjin, Shanghai, north two variable, foshan, liaoyang and baoding six transformer factory, trying to make SHll system - 160, 200, 315, 500 kva four specifications six prototype, and appraised by country. In February 1998, Shanghai believe that enterprise introducing amorphous transformer production technology of GE businesses in the United States and amorphous transformer production line formally signed, produce of SH - M closely enclosed type amorphous alloy transformer fixed volume of 50 kva ~ 2500 kva, no-load damage in 34 w ~ 700 w, load damage between 870 w to 21500 w, no-load current in 1. '5% ~ 0. 5%, short circuit impedance in the 4% ~ 4. 5%.
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